Friday, April 9, 2004


Besides me keeping Grady and Liam company outside, there was also the Volume 10 rap music coming from our back door neighbor's window. The grandson of this nice couple seems to be a high school drop out and spends his days listening to very explicit songs. On nice days when Liam and Grady are out, I'd rather not have them hear "motherfucker, bitch, nigger, ho" every 10 seconds. I tried to get the young man's attention between songs, but to no avail. We three took a walk around the block to knock on the door, but to no avail. I looked up their phone number and left a long, cordial message, addressing my complaints to the grandparents. Finally, I guess the CD ended, because there was at least 10 seconds of silence. I managed to get the young man's attention and explained what the problem was. He apologized, turned down the music and closed his window. A good result.

Now, we just have to see if he learned anything by it. I have a feeling we'll have to repeat this sometime soon. On the phone message I suggested using headphones. Half of me wants to go purchase them myself and leave them on his doorstep. Colleen won't have any of that! :)

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