Sunday, April 11, 2004

Sunny Days

We're experiencing what the weather man promised. Record breaking temperatures. Today hit 81 degrees in Newport (a coast town) where the previous record for April 10 was 69 degrees back in 1971. Here in Portland, we hit 80 and will do so again tomorrow. We even broke out Grady's pool and he and Liam had a grand time after their naps playing with the water.

Pam Edstrom's house was a great time. Grady was enthralled again by the Easter bunny, and Liam was his normal fearless self.

I have pictures and will post them shortly.

The eggs are hidden in the backyard waiting to be found by Grady and Liam tomorrow morning. We're going to give our local Christ the King church another chance tomorrow. We've been going about 15 miles out of our way to St. Ignatius. We figure Easter will be reason for Christ the King to show off their best, and it would be much easier for us if that was our parish, as it's only 3 miles from our front door.

Ann Grady gave me Dan Brown's Angels & Demons and I wasn't too thrilled with it for the first 75 or 100 pages, but now that I'm 300 pages in, I can't put it down. I've always enjoyed talking about books with her and I'm glad she turned me on to (and gave me) this one.

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