Monday, April 12, 2004

Summer yet?

Easter day was great. Grady woke up about 6:30, looked out his window, saw eggs and came streaking into our room to shout, "The Easter Bunny came, the Easter Bunny came!" We managed to get him to go back to his room for about another 20 minutes before he couldn't contain his excitement any longer.

Grandma Grady had sent bags of Easter-related gifts and they were a hit with Grady and Liam. After the egg-hunt outside, we got ready for church. Liam was awful. He spent about 10 minutes in the 80 minute long mass, and the rest of the time outside running on the lawn. We're not looking forward to our cross country plane travel this summer with Liam. He just hates being confined. At mass, Grady was squirmy, but quiet.

It was 80 degrees all day long, from about 9:00 to 6:00. Grady and Liam enjoyed the pool again, and even had three neighbor girls over. Victoria, who turns five in May, had fun with Grady in the pool, but the older girls (one is Victoria's sister, Daysha who is 12, and the other is Kayley, probably 12 too) just chatted and ate Cool Pops. We enjoyed having them over, and we put down a couple of lemon drops in the hot sun.

Easter dinner was great. Honey-baked ham, potato boats, green beans and crusty french bread.

I posted new pictures.

Enough procrastination. I've got to get back to work. Not terribly enjoyable these days. I much prefer the doing rather than the planning.

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