Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Sweet Ribbits

Our neighbor, Bob, installed a beautiful water feature in his front yard last fall and this spring several frogs have made it their home. Water features are prevalent in our neighborhood, so we've been serenaded in warm months by these frogs for the past couple of years, but it was always a pleasant, distant sound. Bob's frogs are champion croakers and are directly across the street from our open bedroom window!

One of the frogs goes ALL night until sunrise. My alarm is set for 5:30, but that guy has had me awake at 5:00 the last two mornings.

Soon, the swallows will return, which will add another early morning alarm. Last spring and summer, we were awoken at the crack of dawn each morning with a high-pitched "sweet-sweet-sweet-sweet." I could have fallen back to sleep if that sweet-sweet-sweet-sweet was a constant decibel, but if you've seen swallows, you know they love to swoop and fly. That resulted in a sweet-sweet-SWEET-SWEET, SWeet-Sweet-sweet-sweet, sweEET-SWEET-SWEET-SWeet. Ugh.

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary in our Highland Loop home. We like being there, but don't LOVE it. We wish we had spent more time looking in Lake Oswego. We work there, have Grady and Liam in school there, spend a lot of down time there, and the school district there is the best in Oregon. We don't have any plans to move, however.

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