Wednesday, April 14, 2004


I went to the dentist this morning and got a great report. The dentist asked the technician, "Wouldn't you love to have teeth like his?" She replied, "You know it. Big, strong and healthy." I wonder if that is rehearsed. :)

Our dentist is very progressive and gets all the latest/newest equipment. It had been 7 years since my full mouth was x-rayed, so I was hooked into a digital x-ray machine that takes 20 consecutive x-rays but only exposes you to the equivalent of one o-ring x-ray (the typical kind where you have to clench plates in your teeth and the "gun" is touching your cheek). The new machine automatically swung around my head as I stood still. 2 minutes later, I saw on their computer a view of all my teeth and roots, and even my nose cavities and sinuses.

My nose is a bit peculiar Dr. Wendling noticed. My right passageway is much smaller than my left, and twists back, whereas my left passageway is straight and wide. I have unusually large sinuses and Dr. Wendling was impressed that they were totally devoid of everything. Completely clean. I'd love to have Colleen or Liam hooked up to that to see what is in their sinuses.

I leave for Athens, GA tomorrow afternoon. I'm really looking forward to Brian & Kristen's wedding, and seeing my family and Erik. Curtis Waterbury promised to stay up with me Saturday night after the wedding, since my flight out of Atlanta (90 minutes from Athens) leaves Sunday at 6:25 a.m. But, I have to drive myself, so not sure how easy it will be to stay up all night without sipping loads of cocktails. We'll see. The benefit of that early flight was, 1) money, and 2) it gets me home at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

LOTS to do here at work before I leave for GA. I'll next post to Hearsay Sunday or Monday.

Oh, I've noticed no one has posted any comments. Is anyone reading these? Perhaps this is a personal journal.

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