Thursday, April 22, 2004

Health Update

Liam saw Dr. Cuyler this morning and he prescribed anti-inflammatory nose drops. He thinks things are so swollen up there that it's negating the antibiotics he's on. The swelling isn't allowing the infection to drain. I can't imagine the pressure Liam must feel, but he is always happy so it must feel normal to him. Poor guy. If the nose drops don't work within 10 days, he'll be sedated so they can get a cat scan of his sinuses. The next step might be operating to take out his adnoids (accessed through the mouth), but children under 3 have a 30% chance of growing the adnoids back, so Dr. Cuyler will exhaust all other treatments before that.

Grady told Colleen this morning in the car that he had to throw up. She asked if she should pull over or if he could wait until he got to school. He said he could wait, so Colleen thought he might just be telling a fib. But, two steps from the front door of the school he vomited all over the walkway. There's a bug going around schools all over Portland, and I think Grady has it. Vomiting and diarrhea. He's in good spirits , and eating well, but I'm just waiting for the next mess to clean up. Fortunately it's nice weather, so both Grady and Liam are out exploring. If they're going to throw up, do it out there please. :)

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