Sunday, April 25, 2004

Feelin' Good

I'm feeling good (now). I'm 33, and Colleen and I had a nice night out to celebrate my birthday last night. After ingesting heavily sauced baby back ribs and a couple of overly sweet cocktails at Red Star Tavern & Smokehouse, I was not up to our post dinner dessert at Caprial's Bistro, so we came home an hour early to find that Tina, the babysitter, had had a great, easy time with Grady and Liam. The only thing she said that didn't go smoothly is that Liam wanted to cuddle before going to sleep. He usually goes right down and spends a few quiet minutes getting sleepy, but I guess he wasn't feeling as secure, so wanted some hugs while getting sleepy. Not bad!

After driving Tina down the hill to her home, I came back home and went downhill. Hello toilet, goodbye ribs and cocktails. Yuck.

My stomach this morning is feeling a bit better, but what makes me feel really good is Grady and Liam's behavior. Grady woke us up at 6:30 a.m. and I told him it was too early, and to quietly go back to bed. He usually does 20 minutes in his room, then slams open our door, 20 minutes, then slam, 20, slam, etc. Today he came quietly back in an hour and forty minutes later. Liam was still asleep. When Liam woke up 20 minutes later at 8:30, he was snot-free! The first time in many months. I think Dr. Cuyler's nose drops are working. Oh, please.

Not much more to report, except we are expected to have a sunny 81-degree day today, and the bare spots in our lawn that I prepared and seeded are starting to show growth!

Everything's going my way....

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