Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Only Tuesday?

This week is dragging already.

Yesterday was 86 degrees. Today is 66, but still VERY pleasant. Perhaps that's why the week is dragging. I'm stuck inside, though I did travel to Seattle yesterday and was able to bask in the sun on the plane and in the taxi cabs.

Liam's nose is still snotty. We see Dr. Cuyler again in one week.

Colleen and I upgraded our bedding. We recreated what I slept in at the Foundry Inn in Athens, GA. All white bedding -- white bed skirt, white fitted sheet, white flat sheet, premium uncovered silver- and white-striped down comforter, then another flat sheet on top. So, the bare comforter is sandwiched between two flat sheets, creating a nice airy look & feel. Meier & Frank was having a tremendous sale, which was a nice surprise for us since we were determined to buy anyway. The down comforter was normally $600, but was 60% off, and the Ralph Lauren 400 thread count sheets were 40% off. We've slept in that fresh, white, fluffy, airy nest for two nights, and it's been wonderful.

I think people should spare no expense for their beds/bedding. You spend more of your life in your bed than you do in any other single spot, so make it luxurious!

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