Monday, May 3, 2004

Molto bene

We had a great weekend of 80 degree weather.

Saturday we went over to the Walker's house to celebrate Jon's new role as house manager, as Cara calls it. He's going to stay home with Cailin and Will for the foreseeable future. I posted pictures from that party. There are some good shots of Grady and Liam having fun.

There are SO MANY houses for sale in Westmoreland -- where the Walkers live and where we used to live. I think the absurd increase in home prices are prompting people to cash in. Our old house just sold a few months ago, and now the houses on either side are for sale. The thoroughly disgusting house of Dolly and Charles is going for $297,000. If they get even $200,000 for that house, it's a crime.

Sunday we hung around the house after doing some errands in the morning. Grady and Liam enjoyed the freedom of going in and out of the house whenever they wanted to. All that outdoor time is great for their moods, and for their naps.

I'm learning some basic Italian ahead of our trip there this summer. I'm using the Pimsleur method, which is all verbal/conversation, no writing. There are nine 30-minute lessons on CD. It makes for a good commute -- I've gone through 2 lessons and I think I could pass as Italian if the conversation was limited to "Good morning, miss. Do you speak English? No? I speak a little Italian. Yes, I'm American. How are you? Me? I'm very well, thank you. Good bye." :)

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