Saturday, May 15, 2004

It was Martha!

The mystery dinner theater was not very enjoyable. The people we were with made the evening fun, but the repetoire wasn't my cup of tea. The actors worked hard and were good at what they do, but it was just a little too forced. Lots of putting people on the spot. We had 26 people at our table, and the room help about another 75 people. I'd say of the 100 people there, about 60 were really into solving the mystery.

Cara and Jon Walker were our guests, and at the end of the night everyone submitted who they thought was the killer. Cara had deduced correctly (Martha) and the actors called Cara's name from the pile of other right answers, and Cara joyfully went up to accept the prize. Another Cara was in the crowd who guessed correctly, so they had a showdown. :) Turned out the "Cara" on the card was actually Kara. They gave Cara a refrigerator magnet as a consolation prize. Heh-heh! Cara handled it with style.

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