Friday, May 14, 2004


Colleen and I go to a murder mystery dinner tonight with people from my team at work. I have low expectations of it, particularly because it's being held in the ballroom of a Days Inn. Remember, my time in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago was tarnished by a terrible night at a Days Inn.

Liam's adenoid surgery is scheduled for the morning of Monday, May 24.

I've been gathering all the details for our Italy trip in one folder. We're staying at four different hotels, renting a car, arranging a transfer from the airport, booking tours, etc. It makes for lots of confirmation numbers, directions and contact information to keep track of.

Liam is getting to be very selfish. Whatever Grady touches, Liam screams in protest that he isn't holding it. It makes for raucous car rides these days.

We've been keeping Grady in underwear when he goes to bed at night. Before last week, nighttime was the only time he wore pull-ups. But, approaching his 4th birthday, we figured IT'S TIME! It's not working, despite us waking him up to tinkle at 2:00 a.m. Aggravating.

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