Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Double hmmph

My car wasn't fixed properly. It is still having electrical problems. I noticed it in my radio tonight (switching on and off), so hopefully it's just some loose wire in the radio. But, back to the shop.

Liam is also back to the shop. His scan came back with pretty good results. Here's an email I sent out to my family:

We heard back from Dr. Cuyler about Liam’s chronic nose problems. He went in for the sinus CT scan yesterday and it showed very minimal thickening in one of his sinuses, and is not the cause of the green mucous coming from his nose for the past six months. Dr. Cuyler said it’s likely a virus he’s getting from school and it’s just taking Liam longer to build up immunity to it. He gave us the option to remove his adenoids, and we are going to do it. Removing the adenoids does two things:

• Removes a source of infection, since adenoids collect a lot of bacteria
• Allows infections to drain a lot easier

The surgery is an outpatient procedure, lasting less than 30 minutes. He’ll be sore for no longer than two days. We just want to stop this problem as soon as possible. We could have waited until we returned from our sabbatical to see if time away from school helped, but we don’t want to risk him being at the beach for a month with a runny nose (a.k.a. sand magnet), nor just arrive back at school in mid July to get the same problem again.

The only downside to the surgery, besides the sedation of little Liam, is that the adenoids have a 20-30% chance of growing back in children under the age of three. Even if that happens, the surgery will give him a respite from this chronic problem. We are trying to schedule the surgery within the next couple of weeks.

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