Thursday, June 10, 2004

Grand mistake

How fun it was to realize I had made a major mistake about our travel to Italy. All along I was thinking we left Boston on Tuesday and arrived in Rome on Wednesday. In reviewing our itinerary, I realized our flight out is on Monday and we get to Rome Tuesday. We just gained a day in Italy!

Of course, this fortunate error caused some headaches too. Ann has a meeting in Worcester Monday night she can't miss, so we had to ask Erin to stay two more nights than she had planned after her and her family's weekend visit. We owe Ann and Erin big time.

We're cramming like it was finals week (which I know it is for many college students, like Erik Henne), but it's for what we'll be doing once we arrive in the four cities we'll park ourselves in. The Rick Steve's Italy 2004 book is dog-eared.

Wednesday was in the 90s here and we had a full beach day. Today was in the 60s. Crazy changes. I hope we don't all catch colds. Segue...

Liam's nose is cured! :)

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boabhan sith said...

I prey on mortals
In the night
They sing and dance and laugh
I soar through the portals
Of their minds
I can face the fears they can’t

poem me!