Monday, June 7, 2004


We had easy flights to Boston yesterday. Grady and Liam both get A+s. We are lucky parents. Grady was on fire yesterday with some funny sayings. I hope I remember them all.

While watching highlights of a NASCAR race, ESPN showed a bunch of crashes. During another highlight they showed two cars vying for the lead. Grady said, "They have to be careful." I said, "Right, steady wins the race." He asked, "Which one is Steady?"

On the plane yesterday, we talked a lot about taking off. About an hour from arriving in Boston, Grady asked, "When are we landing off?"

On the Horizon flight up to Seattle, we were on a propeller plane and our seats were in direct line with the propeller. Grady was very interested in it and was excited when it started spinning and loved how you couldn't see individual blades when it got going quickly. When we started taxing to the runway, Grady asked, "Why is that plane following us?" "Which plane, Grady?" "That one RIGHT there." He didn't realize the propeller was attached to our plane.

The weather at Moody Beach is overcast and mid 50s today, but we will get into the 90s by Wednesday. Quite warm for this time of year, which is just fine by us!

Does anyone read this blog anymore, or is nothing I write "remark-able?"

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