Friday, June 4, 2004

Serenity NOW!

Well, it's upon me. My sabbatical has begun. 7 weeks of nothing but searching for sun and fun.

Leaving work yesterday was not as exciting or exhilarating as I thought it would be. Nothing like leaving junior high school on the last day of school. (Do you remember that day?)

Leaving work yesterday was bittersweet because when I get back I won't be working on the same team I have been for the last three years. The relationships and trust I developed with my Tablet PC colleagues are strong. Lots of "last time I'll do this" thinking. Last 1:1 with my manager and the great guy who reports to me. Last client call with my fantastic and friendly Tablet PC clients. Probably the last time I'll sit in that office (they'll likely move me closer to my new teammates while I'm gone).

Fortunately I'm beginning some exciting work on MSN when I get back. I'm jazzed about that, but it'll be a completely different experience. My Tablet PC team was 6 people, with 4 people under me. The MSN team is over 20, with me responsible for 10+ people. I will have much more responsibility.

Well, that's hopefully the last I'll speak about work for almost two months.

Liam has his follow up appointment with the ear, nose & throat specialist this morning. Unfortunately, I won't be able to give him a good report about Liam's nose. We saw initial improvement, but he is still very mucousy. Hopefully it's just that he caught a bit of what I had earlier this week.

Grady is getting really good at hitting and throwing a baseball.

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