Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sweltering but happy

Yesterday it reached 103 degrees here in Portland.  Today is supposed to reach 102.  Our thermostat inside read 88 last night.  Why?  Our air conditioning is broken.  Murphy's Law.

We had technicians out yesterday and they fixed it, but they slipped in a bogus $97.50 charge onto the bill.  I caught it and they insisted it was fair.  I told them what the lady at the shop had told me -- that for $69.99 a service team would come out and 90% of the time they can fix the problem for that price.  Well, all of a sudden it was $69.99 just to come out to the house, plus $97.50 in labor for less than 30 minutes here, plus parts.  They called the shop and the lady got really short with me, and said I was either paying the $97.50 or she'd tell the service guys to remove all the work they just did.  I was not about to be bullied, so I said, "Take the fucking things out, and I'm not paying you a cent."  So, the servicemen had to spend another 45 minutes taking out all of the new components, and replacing the faulty components.  I tied up her workers for 90 minutes and didn't pay them a red cent -- not even for their trip out here.  Her loss for sure.  The bogus bill was $274.50 and I was willing to pay them $177, but because of the lady's attitude and bullying, they got nothing.  And, I tied up here workers for 90 minutes.  You'd think she'd cut the $97.50 loss and be done with it.

So, yes, we are without AC, but I love it!  Love that I stuck it to her.  The best part is I watched the guys closely, so now know how to do the work myself!  I just need to find a part normally only available to certified technicians.  I found one on eBay a few minutes ago.  We'll be without AC for a couple more days, but for $7.50 in components, I'm able to save $177, or $274.50 depending on how you look at it.

I know some of you, including Colleen, may think I cut off my nose to spite my face, but to my core I feel great about this.

(To give you an idea of what other companies charge -- $35 travel fee and $62/hour for labor, so $97 to come and work for an hour.  The jokers above tried to charge $167.49.)

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