Saturday, July 24, 2004

Brew ha ha

Loved seeing the Red Sox give it to the Yankees today.  Three cheers for Jason Varitek pushing A-hole A Rod in the face.  Grady jumped up and down with excitement when Mueller hit the game winning two-run home run.  And, Colleen and I almost jumped for joy when they began previewing football season.  That brings on Colleen's favorite season, and, of course, the NFL Death Pool.

Don't know what the NFL Death Pool is?  Chelsie Webb, if you're reading this, it's not your Death Pool that you're so adept at.  It's all explained here, and is open to any of my blog readers.  Last year, we had 310 paying entries, so the winner in week 13 took home a cool $3100.  I think this year we'll hit 400.  To think just 9 years ago when I began running this pool, I was excited to have 36 players. 

Tomorrow I go to the Portland Brewer's Festival with Jon Walker.  It's supposed to top out at 85 degrees tomorrow, almost 20 degree cooler than today.  Perfect beer tasting weather.  I'm looking forward to it, since we skipped it last year.

We spent most of today in the mall, Costco and Target enjoying free AC.

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