Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Dog Daze

Yesterday I took Grady, Liam and Coltrane to the Clackamas Aquatic Park. Each year, the day before the park drains the pools for 3 weeks of intense cleaning, they invite dogs in. We went to the first of 3 two-hour sessions. We all had a blast.

This is about half the pool. There is a wave pool, a kiddie pool with slides, adult slides, a six-lane lap pool, and a high dive/deep water pool.

We spent most of the time in the lap pool. They had drained the pool a couple of feet, so Coltrane LOVED getting a running start and doing a layout dive. I tried to capture it, but Grady didn't throw the frisbee out far enough, so Coltrane just kind of hopped in.

Three amigos. Can you guess what I used to get their attention? See small yellow circular object in above picture.

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