Monday, September 13, 2004

Let's go RED SOX,

We had a great weekened in Seattle. We anchored our trip around the Red Sox/Mariners game.

We arrived around 11:30 and had lunch with my cousin, Brian. Liam was horribly behaved, so it wasn't a relaxing time, but it was nice to see Brian.

We had arranged for a babysitter to stay with Liam back at the hotel while we took Grady to the evening Red Sox game. It was a great time. Grady kept asking after every half inning if the game was over. Each time I was afraid he was asking because he wanted to go. Turns out he was worried it was over. We left after the 8th inning with the Red Sox up 7-0. They ended up winning 9-0. I kept my eye out for the Webbs or Erik, but wasn't so lucky to be able to meet them in person.

This morning before we headed home, we went to the very enjoyable Seattle Aquarium. Fun, kid-friendly exhibits. The highlight for me was the "leafy." It was a giant sea horse, called a sea dragon. They come in "weedy" and "leafy" varieties. The highlight for Colleen was the octopus stuck to the glass. Diving puffins, playful otters, and the brilliant starfish rounded out the top 5.

We always grow to love Seattle a bit more each visit there.

The drive between Seattle and Portland has to be one of the most boring stretches of 170 miles there is. It takes real concentration. The only upside is the speed limit is 70 mph most of the way.

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