Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Walkers, Spider, NFL, Collage, RS, MSL

We had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. The only official activity we had was having the Walkers over on Sunday night. We had a great time, as usual. We fed the spider some ants.

Today was busy, busy. Lots of official work, then lots of 2004 NFL Death Pool work. The pot is going to eclipse $5,000. For just a $10 entry fee you could walk away with $5,000 later this winter. Any blog readers interested? Wednesday is the last day to enter.

Grady is collage crazy these days. I sit with him and he dictates what he wants me to draw and then cut out and glue to a piece of construction paper. The first collage had Nemo, Marlin, a plane, a dog and some other things I forget right now. For the second collage he wanted "an old, old church," two goldfish, a salmon, the sun, a crow, a man, and a lion in it. The crow and lion didn't fit, so we saved those for future collages. I'll snap some photos of them. I like doing collages with him, and he rewarded me on Sunday morning by saying, "You do nice things for me, Dad."

My new favorite magazine is Rolling Stone. Can't believe I've never read that treasure before. The profiles of the celebrities and bands are riveting. From Gary Trudeau, to Bill Clinton to Jenna Jameson to Tom Cruise. Good, good stuff. And, the beauty of it is I'm reading it for work!

Got a fun, drunk call from MSL last night. He's on vacation in N.C. and he called to rub it in and chat. I'm glad I was on his mind during one of his drunken vacation moments.

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