Friday, October 22, 2004

A Dream Come True

I'm Boston bound and headed to Game 2 of the World Series.

My godfather, Richard, somehow found tickets, so I'm going taking the red eye tomorrow and arrive in Boston Saturday morning. I'll rest up, then take in Game 1 in a Boston bar with a really good friend. 7:30 Sunday night, I'll be singing the National Anthem in Fenway Park and watching Curt Schilling throw the first pitch. Look for lots of pictures early next week.

Until then, enjoy these pictures of the sneaky smoker. She works in a building near ours, but walks about 200 yards to our parking lot and hides behind trees that block the view into her building. And she thought no one was looking.

1: She approaches
2: She's caught (and I think she saw me snapping the photo -- she quickly retreated further into the trees)
3: She furtively begins her trek back
4: She's now in view of her own building
5: She's on her way back to her job, stinky with smoke

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