Friday, October 22, 2004

World Series Update

It's Game 1 I'm going to. We'll see Tim Wakefield throw the first pitch of the 2004 World Series. Here's an excerpt of an e-mail my Godfather sent to my family:

I have in my possession two tickets...seats one and two in row AA of box 117
in section 16 in the greatest baseball park in the world. Tonight as my
Godson flies across this great nation back to the Cradle of Liberty, to
where the shot was heard around the world, to the land of the Super Bowl
Champions, the City of his birth, to the home of the Cod, the City on the
Hill, to where he met his true love, Colleen... as he COMES BACK HOME, I
know that he will travel with God's Speed and tomorrow on what is expected
to be a beautiful Fall New England evening after they play our National
Anthem, I will put my arm on his shoulder, think of all of you, look him in
the eye and say: " doesn't get any better than this" GOD BLESS

Not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight on the red eye after reading this. I'll be anticipating my time in Boston even more now!

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