Tuesday, October 26, 2004

World Series

I'm back from an intense time in Boston where I took in Game 1 at Fenway and Game 2 at a sports bar with friends. Someone asked me what it was like, and I couldn't give him an answer on the spot. Thinking about it more, I have to get an little unusual in my description/analogy.

If fervor and adrenaline could be delivered to you like a web page downloads -- you know, you can pull it up on demand -- then you know what the game was like. I went in wanting an intense, electric experience and I got it. I had built it up in my head so much that I was fearing a let down. Suffice to say I was blown away by it. The history, the comraderie, the players, our seats, the celebrities, the souveniers, etc.

When I have time later this week to upload some pictures, you're in for a treat. Let's just say you big baseball fans will be happy, and so will you US Weekly/People Magazine fans. I was a regular ole papparazzi.

I did the weekend on the (relatively) cheap. I used miles to fly, paid face value for tickets ($190 each) and stayed with friends and family. I had made a promise to my Godfather that I'd take him the World Series if the Sox made it, and I was fearing I'd have to shell out $5K just for flights and tickets. In the end, I spent less than $1000 on everything, including souveniers, drinks and meals. Though, I was surprised when I realized how much of my funds were devoted to car related expenses:

$213 to rent a car for 3 days -- they surprised me with taxes, taxes, taxes. More than $80 of taxes.

$25 parking ticket when the meter ran out during my souvenier bonanza (for other people, I might add).

$44 garage fee for 12 hours of parking on Sunday night when I unexpectedly stayed with a friend and his wife downtown after MANY beers.

$69 parking fee for parking at Portland Airport for 3 1/2 days

So, I paid almost as much for parking, fines and rentals as I did on the game itself. Robbery.

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