Friday, October 8, 2004

Web 2.0

On Wednesday, I was in S.F. attending day 2 of a great new conference, called Web 2.0. It was all about what the "next" version of the Web would bring. And, boy, am I excited. It was also fun to hear from and see some computer industry celebrities too: Mark Cuban, Mary Meeker, Marc Andreessen, DJ Danger Mouse, Craig Newmark (of fame) among others. Those I didn't see but were conference participants: Jeff Bezos of, Jerry Yang of Yahoo! and Kim Polese of Java fame. If you're interested, a blogger captured pictures and MP3 audio files of most of the presentations.

S.F. was not looking its best. Hotel workers were striking for better health care benefits. Picketers were around all the hotels with megaphones and signs. My cabbie wouldn't drop me off at the door. He stopped a block away.

Don't forget to make photo requests. MSL made some good ones that may take longer than a week to get, but I'll will get to all of them. Give me more work!

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