Monday, November 1, 2004

Nice Weekend for Us, Bad for Mary

My sister, Katy, and her boyfriend, Erik vistied this wekeend from Virginia. It was really nice getting to know Erik better. He's a really good guy, and Grady and Liam will REALLY miss him. He was so natural around them. Coltrane, our dog, was also very affectionate with him. Katy is lucky to have such a nice guy in her life.

Halloween was fun. After a Halloween parade with the Walkers, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, dressing as Buzz Lightyear, and visting about 20 homes for candy, Grady's favorite part was handing out candy. He was so good at it that we left him in charge of the door while we had dinner. When there weren't kids at the door, he'd open it and shout, "Who wants candy?!!! We have candy!!!!!"

On Saturday, Liam was dragging a jump rope and got behind the 100 year old stained glass church window we've had since July. We were all in the other room. We heard a loud crash and sounds of glass crashing down, followed by the scariest scream by Liam. I was the first to the scene and found Liam huddled against the wall with the 9.5 foot tall window leaning over him, propped up by the couch, with glass shards still dropping from the antique lead. I grabbed him by one arm and lifted him out of the dangerous mess to find, unbelievably, that the only injuries he had were a small scratch on his cheek and a 1/2 inch cut on his hand. No eye lost, no artery severed, no fingers sliced offm, and no cuts on his bare feet. Phew. But, then I survyed the damage to the window, and it was totaled. About 25 large pieces of glass were on the ground as were another 1,000 or so tiny shards. Some had been obliterated to dust. It's not covered under homeowners insurance, because it wasn't damaged by an "act of peril" like fire, flood, etc. I asked, "You mean a 23 month old isn't an act of peril?" So, LOTS of money down the drain, and TONS of emotional trauma.

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