Wednesday, December 1, 2004

The Countdown

Just two more nights with our wonderful Weimaraner, Coltrane. I ship him to my sister, Katy, early Friday morning. We've been letting him sleep on our bed for the past few nights to eek out every last minute with him. We've shipped his pillow, his medicine, his collars & leashes, his shampoo, his nail clippers, his blankets and all other essentials, and I think the absence of his everyday things has given him a clue to his pending move.

Good ol' Coltrane, the spider hunter. Be sure to click "next" when you get to his picture to see his prey. Unfortunately, Grady became his prey a few weeks ago when he tried to ride him like a horse. In retrospect, I should have stopped this right from the start.

Also counting down to when my parents come to town on 12/8 for a pre-holiday visit. It will be very fun, and we're getting the decorations up early so there will be that Christmas cheer in the air.

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