Friday, December 3, 2004

The Touch Down

Coltrane successfully made his cross country trip today. I drove him at 4:45 this morning to the Alaska Cargo office at PDX and drove off around 5:30 with some tears in my eyes. I tracked oth bhis flights all day, and he was lucky. They both were running at least 15 minutes early, so he spent 30 minutes less than planned in the air.

Katy picked him up without incident at DCA, and he seemed to remember her, whining when he saw her, licking her face and nuzzling into her legs when she kneeled down. Katy's chocolate lab, Webber, greeted him nicely, and Coltrane so far seems to enjoy the canine company. Seems like he's going to be a bit competitive with her. When Katy said, "Let's go inside," Webber started toward the door, but Coltrane raced ahead of her and slammed his head into the closed sliding door. That'll teach him who's boss there. And, he wolfed down his food like never before, probably fearing Webber would eat it.

I am so grateful Katy and Erik welcomed Coltrane into their home. The alternatives for Coltrane all painfully paled in comparison.

For the first few hours of the day, I kept thinking Coltrane had snuck away to eat some tissues or sack out in his crate. It's going to take a while to get used to not having a dog in the house.

Grady and Liam are taking it all in stride. It's been nice. I know to attribute Liam's acceptance of the change to his young age, but I'm not sure what is keeping Grady on an even keel. Whether it's that he was the one bitten, or he's too young, or he just has a mature outlook on it. I prefer to think it's the latter.

We'll see how long it lasts.

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