Tuesday, December 7, 2004

That New Car Smell

Carpet cleaners are in the house right now giving our wall to wall beige carpets a well needed cleaning. The solution they're using smells like a new car, but a little bit sweeter. Perhaps some lemon scent thrown in.

They're also treating the carpets with stain protection, so with no dog around to muddy up the place, we may keep these carpets looking brand new for a good six months.

I guess this means we won't replace these plain, uninspired carpets for a while. They're in great shape, but just so darn boring.

That's my exciting life today. Oh, and Colleen got ticketed this morning for tailgating a cop in local stop and go traffic. Bullshit ticket. And, to boot, he was aggressive with Colleen, shouting at her while Grady and Liam were in the back seat. $230. Outrageously subjective charge, so his demeanor was even harder to take. Perhaps they got wind of her husband's escape from a heavy traffic fine and decided to even things up.

Oh, and my parents arrive tomorrow from Virginia for a week-long visit! Wooo-hooo! I'm excited to try a new Portland italian restaurant, Mama Mia Trattoria, with them on Saturday night.

Grady put up a bunch of "Christmas decorations" around the house in preparation for his grandparents' arrival. These decorations are small sheets of paper that he colored on and then taped around the house on doors, cabinets and walls. We're leaving them up because he's SO proud of them.

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