Monday, December 27, 2004


We got a note from our water company last week that our dial was running mid-day when no one was home. Leak city, baby! Yesterday, I got the online bill and we had used triple the amount of water we normally do. This was serious. I found some sopping ground next to the water main, and called our trusted plumber, Steve Ackerman. He sent his best guy out and he spent 7.5 hours fixing a cracked PVC pipe that connected from the main to the house. He had to dig about 4 feet down to the foundation in heavy, wet clay to find the broken section. Of course, a bunch of mud got sucked into the pipes, so the next 4 hours was spent clearing pebbles, dirt and clay from all pipes leading to faucets, toilets, shower valves and the washing machine.

Meanwhile, Grady and Liam enjoyed their new computer, playing Dora's Animal Adventures. Amazingly, there were no fights. Liam just looked on with delight as Grady impressively navigated through the whole game with no help.

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