Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I have been lobbying to get Tivo in our house for the better part of a year, but Colleen has steadfastly been against it, claiming we'd watch more T.V. than we already do. I enlisted the help of friends, Erika, Colleen, Jon and Kristen to let her know that, no, you actually watch LESS television. Anyway, I had given up hope because she never believed our friends, but, come Christmas morning, there was a brand new Tivo under the tree! Yee-ha.

I've been having lots of fun with it, and today went to get a wireless USB adapter so Tivo would be hooked in to my Linksys wireless network. The guy at CircuitCity told me the Netgear USB wireless adapter, which was $20 cheaper than the Linksys model, would work with Tivo and my Linksys wireless router. Of course, he was wrong. So, I returned it for the Linksys brand adapter, and it worked like a charm. I love when technology is so smart that it requires no manual tweaks to get it working. Now when I tell Tivo to record a program via the Web, it instantaneously sends it to the DVR. No waiting until midnight every other night to make a slow analog call into the network.

I have Jon to thank for letting me know how simple hooking Tivo into my network was.

So far I have season passes to David Letterman and Nick & Jessica's Newlywed show. Doesn't say much about my taste in T.V., does it? I also selected some extra good episodes of Seinfeld to record, as well as few days worth of Sesame Street for the boys.

Do you have a Tivo? If so, what is your favorite feature?

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