Monday, January 17, 2005

Pictures, Pictures, Get Your Pictures!

I posted A LOT of new pictures over at my home site. Some dating back to September.

I got a new digital photo software program: Adobe Photo Elements 3.0. It takes the essential items from the very expensive Photoshop, and goes for $89.99. I got it for $70, but Amazon has it on sale for $59.99 right now. I endorse it with 4 out of 5 stars. The reason it loses a star is that I can't manipulate the photo web pages it creates. I'd like to add personal hyperlinks to it, but Adobe generates it automatically. It makes it MUCH easier than my use of the old (free and downloadble) JAlbum, but isn't nearly as manipulatable.

The best thing about Adobe Photo Elements is the Quick Fix feature. I'd estimate that 70% of the time I agree with the changes it makes to coloring and sharpness. The other 30% is easily undone with the RESET button that exists within all stages of the changes. The red eye tool is out of this world. I've had pictures on my camera for a few months that were unusable because of the bad red eye, but otherwise great pictures. Adobe got them right. Before and after examples here. To get a dog's red eye right is amazing.

Any way, most of my blog readers aren't my close friends or family, so I'm opening up a lot of my private world to you all with these pictures. I hope you get somethign out of them.

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