Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Boys vs. Girls

OK, so I'm hooked on yet another season of American Idol. I watched Monday's show where the 12 male finalists each got about 90 seconds to belt out a song. I thought about 10 of them did a stellar job, with the best performance going to Bo Bice (caveman-looking rock 'n' roller), and the second best going to Mario Vasquez (he who is fond of tilted hats). Then I watched Tuesday night's performances by the final 12 females. I thought all but 2 were terrible. Highlights were Nadia Turner (attractively lithe, big hair) who was entertaining and different, and Aloha Mischeaux who is already a star in my opinion.

My prediction: Mario Vasquez and Aloha Mischeaux will be the final contestants and Mario will be the 4th American Idol. Only about 14,000 more episodes to get through to find out.

Oh, and wasn't Simon's comment to the Vegas show girl contestant, "In my next life I want to come back as your microphone," uncomfortable and creepy? I was glad she gave him a disgusted look and Ryan "Seacrest Out, Hair Gel In" didn't let it slide either, asking Simon to elaborate, which Simon wisely refused to do.

Do you watch? Are you into it as much as other years?

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