Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sun vs. Moon

Grady, Liam and I had a fun ride to school/work this morning. We first saw an oversized moon against a pink sky, then as we drove down the hill in our neighborhood, we saw Mt. Hood's silhouette, caused by the early sun rising behind it. For the whole commute we had the giant moon in front of us and the low sun behind us. By the time we got to Liam’s school, you could just barely make out the moon.

While talking about how nice it was, Grady asked me, “Will you remember this forever?” I told him I would, and I think I really will because it’s just one of those moments that having children make so much better. Grady also began talking about the planets he’s been studying in school (and learned more about in a planetarium field trip yesterday), and I told him I love hearing him talk about the planets. He asked why, and I said it reminds me how vast our world is and it helps put a lot of things into perspective. Grady didn’t really get it, as those concepts are a bit foreign to a four year old, but it did make me feel better about some things going on in my life.

Speaking of moons, check out the recent posting in My Nacho about the moon in New Zealand. And, note the new blog I linked to over in my Blogs of Note list. Ill Jackass is written by a really good guy I work with.

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