Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Grady has been celebrating his friends' birthdays with a frenzy lately. Last Saturday, he attended Logan's party, held at Logan's house, complete with a visit from The Reptile Man. The kids got to ride a Saharan Turtle, hold an albino boa constrictor, pet giant frogs and just generally revel in all things creepy. Logan's parents catered the event with delicious bbq ribs.

On Sunday, I took him to Jamie's birthday party. She had it at Peanut Butter & Ellie's, a kid's themed restaurant. This was no Chuck E. Cheese's, thank goodness. It was a cute space with some low tables, crafts, a Brio train table set under a fantastical arbor, and peanut butter playdough the kids could safely eat. Jamie's parents arranged for the kids to have Filthy Tea. It's was a tea party like you've never seen before. The tea was chocolate milk in a teapot, the saucers were covered in "dirty" chocolate flakes, the cups had gross gummy worms coming out of them, and the tops of the "mud" cookies had disgusting faces drawn with icing. Grady had a great time.

On September 11, he's attending Andy's birthday party at a local gym/jumping castle extravaganza, Pump It Up. On September 17, he's attending John's birthday party.

And, on September 24, Grady will host his closest 15 friends at a bowling alley and pizza parlor. Not the classiest party on the circuit, but certainly one that will appeal to 15 5-year olds! To give you an idea of what affluent parent's named their Millenium babies, here is Grady's invitation list:

Girls: Maddie, Taya, Mariah, Annie, Jamie, Kaitlin
Boys: Shelby, Lucas, Will, Logan, John, Pierce, Walter, Jack, Changha

Last Thursday, my great friend, MSL (who sometimes comments on this blog) flew into town from D.C. to take in his cousin's wedding in Eugene. He flew in 4 hours earlier than another cousin with whom he was sharing a ride down to Eugene. So, we were able to have a very nice lunch together down on the waterfront, make a beer and liquor run (the wedding was held in a campground on the river, so you had to bring your own supplies), and then shoot the breeze back at my house before he was picked up. He is such a good friend, and I'm very lucky to have him in my life. Trusted friends are so important.

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