Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ty or Mig?

Who is your favorite? I can't decide who I'd like to see more as the lead singer for INXS. Susie is also good in my book.

Rock Star: INXS has captured my attention. SO much better than American Idol. Results show is tonight (Wednesday), so if you're just hearing of the show now, it would be a good place to start. VH1 also reruns the performance shows throughout the week.

Deanna is SO WRONG for INXS. Too Cher-like. JD is a tool. Marty is good, but his performances are all the same -- brooding, screaming, face twitching. Jordis is a marginal singer, but I like her personality, so although I don't want her to win, I'd like her to survive the vote tonight. It's unlikely, however, after that dismal Dream On performance last night.

I used to think Dave Navaro was a tool also, but I actually have come to respect him. He is real, his comments are constructive (except to the ousted member each week -- always a "it's been awesome seeing you grow as a performer and a person...blah, blah, blah"), and he is pretty cool.

I played INXS's Kick album this past weekend with a newfound interest. It's quite a good deal for them. They appear to be down to earth, nice guys, and I'm happy for them.

Since the show is Rock Star: INXS, you can only assume this Mark Burnett show will move on to another band. I'm sure I won't be as interested in the next installment, because I was an INXS fan back in high school. Saw a great concert by them in 1988 at my sister's college, Jame Madison University in Virginia with MSL and other friends.

My sister's baby boy is due in a month. Nicholas (Cole) Robert Davis. I am going to be the Godfather! I'm excited about that, and so proud.

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