Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday Kid Speak

Pierce continues to get his Dad in trouble. :)

What do your parents always talk about?

Jackson: “ I usually hear them talk about me, like tell stories about when I was little”

Annie: “ They always talk about my ballet class”

Grady: “ They always talk about finding a new home”

Landis: “ about Christmas “

Lucas: “ me, I can hear them talking when they’re out on the couch and I’m in my bed”

Josh: “ important things but nothing that interesting…. mostly just about the emails they got.”

Maddie: “ they usually just talk about special things, like getting a surprise for me and Ellie”

Kaitlin: “ They talk about what car they’re going to drive, the van or the black car and they argue about who is going to drive. My Dad likes to drive because he can get there faster because if the light is yellow he just goes through it really fast so he doesn’t have to get traffic”

Changha: “ about scary stuff that they hear on TV, and scary stories they read about in a book, and I don’t want to hear it”

Walter: “My Mommy always tells my Dad and me and Christina that she doesn’t like living in Oregon, and that’s all she talks about”

Pierce: “ Girls, my Dad and Grandpa always talk about girls, they think the ones on that one beauty show are really pretty”

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