Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday KidSpeak

What 5-year olds find interesting.

Tell me something really interesting….

Jack: “ My Dads car looks really cool and it’s almost done”

Pierce: “ One time Gage was naked and he peed on my Mom. It’s not very interesting but it was really funny”

Annie: “ My Mom can’t have a baby because her tummy isn’t big enough yet, but maybe when she grows up her tummy will get bigger”

Lucas: “ One time at the circus I saw a bike rider that went down a ramp and flipped over”

Maddie: “ When we were at our beach house, one time, the waves came all the way up to our stairs”

Josh: “ Two things, first…I wish I could just eat junk food…I’d love to live in ice cream and cake land…a land that really exists. The second interesting thing…today when we were outside, those big 4th or 5th grade boys said I threw a football really good. I asked them to give me a chance to throw it and when I did, I believe they were amazed. They were all saying oh my gosh, Wow, how can you throw so good!”

Kaitlin: “ When you hurt someone, or kill someone or knock someone out, you’ll get arrested”

Walter: “ Today I was running so fast, the girls never even catched me to kiss me”

Grady: “ One time Liam broke our stained glass with a jump rope”

Landis: “Buzz Lightyear has wings and he can fly”

Changha: “My friends know my name because they know me”

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