Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday KidSpeak

What 5 year-olds pick up when you're listening to the radio...

What do you hear about on the news or hear on the radio?

Josh: “about stuff in my neighborhood that happened, like a guy close to my house that was stuck in a hole”

Maddie: “that it’s going to snow, not in Oregon but in different places”

Grady: “about this thing called a Tsunami that killed one person that was outside of their house”

Walter: “on the radio I hear songs and books on tape”

Landis: “ songs about bouncy balls”

Lucas: “ On the news, I heard there was an earthquake in California and on the radio I hear songs on radio station K LOVE”

Annie: “ My Mom loves the news but I don’t know why, but I love my Mom and Dad and the news and my pet”

Kaitlin: “I hear Frosty the snowman on the radio”

Jack: “I hear cool music on the radio, like rock and roll music. On the news I hear…um…. now wait, what’s the news again?”

“ On the news I hear about Comcast internet”

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