Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Young Love

Grady has caught the fancy of two older girls in his school. Taya and Seran (sp?). They're both in 1st grade and he is in pre-K. I first got wind of this two nights ago when I was putting some lotion on a red spot next to Grady's mouth. I said he was probably getting that chapped area from drooling at night, and he said, "No, it's because Taya and Seran are always kissing me."

I never know when he's being serious. Now, I know the red spot wasn't from kissing, but I wasn't sure if these two young ladies were as fond of him as he was implying.

Tonight I asked his teacher, Cleta, in private if Grady had these two admirers. She said, "Oh, yes. They can't get enough of him. Yesterday I looked over and saw Grady pinned against the fence while Mariah, Taya and Seran hugged and kissed him." Grady heard this part of the conversation and was SO embarrassed.

But, he showed me something he had drawn for Taya and asked that I put it in her mailbox. We walked over to that part of the building and Taya was nearby. Taya, who incidentally has long blond hair, coyly waved to Grady and he blushed like crazy. Cleta brought Seran over to meet me since I had told Cleta I didn't know who Seran was. Seran is Korean and is as cute as a little first grade girl could be. She smiled up at me and then mugged Grady with a huge hug.

Grady was in heaven. I have to admit I was too. He's a popular boy! Yay!

When we got home, Grady asked me to draw two hearts on a piece of paper. I asked him why and he was embarrassed to answer, but he finally admitted one was for Taya and one was for Seran. "They're both going to get hearts?" I asked.

"Yes, Taya is going to be my wife and Seran will be my girlfriend."


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