Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24? No, Twenty-Bore

I'm so disappointed with the new season of 24. I had looked forward to it since Fox started advertising it in December, but after watching the 4-hour premier over the last 2 nights, I have to say....BOOOOO!

The writing has become so formulaic. No one is to be trusted except Jack Bauer. No one is capable of anything except Jack Bauer. No one is braver than Jack Bauer. No one is more clever than Jack Bauer. The Jack character is verging on the campy status of the 1980's MacGyver.

The storyline is so stale. Terrorists threaten the U.S. The president is indecisive. Who is in charge at CTU is in question. Chloe is CTU's only competent employee. Jack is superman.


Tuning out.

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