Sunday, January 28, 2007

Things That Made Me Laugh This Weekend

  • While I was preparing breakfast for the boys, I offered them some jelly toast. Liam didn't want that, so I offered him buttered toast. He didn't want that either, so I said, "Liam, you have to choose a toast." He said, "OK, I'd like french toast." Tough luck, buddy.
  • Colleen got back from a week in London and had promised the boys presents. She stopped on her way back from airport at a local toy store and picked them up som Webkinz stuffed animals. The boys were non-plussed with the selection so Colleen asked if they'd like to go with her to exchange them. With that, Liam shouted, "Grady, we're going to London!"
  • From a speech at the Clover Club dinner last night: When you drink you get drunk. When you get drunk you get tired. When you get tired you go to sleep. When you go to sleep you commit no sins. When you commit no sins you go to Heaven. Let's get drunk and go to Heaven!
  • From the same Clover Club speech: What is the difference between an Irish wake and an Irish funeral? At the funeral, there is one less drunk guest.

Heh, heh.

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