Wednesday, March 21, 2007


If I could only have 1 TV channel for the rest of time, I'd gladly pick FX. For a network I once had an unfounded bias against, it sure has me now.

The Shield is the best thing on television. If you have never seen it, which is the case for a lot of people I talk with, do yourself a favor and rent the first 6 (?) seasons on DVD and watch them before the new season starts on April 3. Michael Chicklis won an emmy for best actor for a reason. It's a riveting cop drama, though "cop drama" doesn't do it justice. Heck, Glenn Close played a lead role for a season, Forest Whitaker did last season, and signed up again for this upcoming season. This, the guy who won the Oscar for best actor. So, we have a best actor on TV and best actor in a movie working side by side. If not for any other reason, check it out for that.

Almost rivaling my obsession with The Shield, is the new drama The Riches, also in FX. This stars Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, both known better for their movie work. They are Travelers, that Irish gypsy clan, and are shifty/conniving hucksters who have stolen the identity of a wealthy couple they saw die in a car crash. It's just two episodes into the premier season, but I am HOOKED in a big way.

Rescue Me begins its 4th season in a few weeks, and it stars Denis Leary. It's a gritty drama about a group of dysfunctional, and often times funny, NY firemen. Leary is brilliant in this; you should hate him, but his charisma coupled with biting sarcasm just draws you in.

Finally, Courtney Cox's drama, Dirt, is a captivating drama about tabloid journalism. Her best, and only, friend is a schizophrenic photographer she knew in high school. I'm not in love with the show, as it tries to follow too much of the real pop culture, like spoofing Paris & Nicole, but all in all, it's a sexy new drama that is very well acted. Bonus, the season finale next week features Jennifer Aniston as Courtney's ex-lover, something the show never alluded to before.

That's why, in my book, why FX scores as the best network, and the one I'd chose to have with me on a deserted island.

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