Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unbelievable deal on Red Sox tix!!! Or is it?

I responded to a Craigslist ad from someone saying they had Red Sox tickets for sale. I was excited until this string of events:
  • Constantly saying there are a ton of people e-mailing him, but he is only dealing with 3 people to avoid the hassles. Trying to exert a wee bit o' pressure, ey pal?

  • Spelled the seating section “Lodge” in his Craigslist ad, but it’s really “Loge” and he even pronounced it “Lodge” on the phone despite being a season ticket holder. No rightful season ticket holder would dare make that faux pas.

  • Yesterday, he told me unsolicited that he can’t meet in person because he’s in the process of moving. He told me today he has already moved and is in NY. That's convenient.

  • His e-mail name is Jason Early, but on the phone he tells me his name is Craig. When I questioned him about that, he said he was using his cousin’s e-mail because his is down. Again, how convenient.

  • Told me in e-mail it would be $100 a ticket ($15 more than face value), but then told me on the phone he’s charging face value ($85). Later he told me he’d part with them for an even $160 a pair. He’s willing to lose money? Even on Yankee tickets? And when I told him I wanted 2 tickets to 3 games, he quoted me a price of $420. It’s really $480. He also told me I could send a deposit. For what purpose?? Is he, perhaps trying to get some quick cash hoping I won’t be too upset when I lose "a deposit?"

  • I asked him to send me pictures of the hard tickets before I send him any money, but he balked because he’s worried about me using the pictures to make fake tickets. Uh, OK.

  • Instead, for good faith, he told me he’d send me a picture of his driver’s license, and very oddly, told me he’d give me all his bank account information. When I asked why he’d do that, he said simply, “I know it’s a big risk for me, but one I’ll take.” So, he’s telling me he’ll risk his bank account info, but not risk me using a picture of the tickets to try to duplicate them for resale? And, how would having his financial information prove to me he has the tickets he’s advertising? Something tells me this guy is flush with multiple driver licenses and assorted bank account information, no?

  • I asked him instead, please send me a picture of the tickets but with his hand on them or something so that I would be unable to reproduce them, and he agreed, telling me he’d be able it “later today.” 7 hours later at 5:00 p.m., I called him to see if he could do it soon, and he said he could do it in a couple of hours; that he’d have it to me “a bit later this afternoon.” 7:00 p.m. is afternoon to him? Where the hell is he calling from -- Hawaii?? His phone number is 518, so a NY number, but c’mon.

I think I'll play along a bit more to see how many other mistakes he'll make.

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