Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mega Post

3 posts in 1! (Be sure to click a picture if you want to enlarge it and see more detail.)

Kitchen Remodel Udpates
First, here are the updated pictures from our kitchen remodel. Original pictures can be seen in the post below.

First day of remodel and the demolition went very well. The dining room wall came down, the ceiling was removed, and all the drywall was gone.

View to where the desk will go and where the slider will be replaced with a single full-view door.
Looking towards the hallway towards the garage and mud room. You can see where the peninsula used to be if you look for the missing tile.
Day 2 and all the flooring is up, including the tile and the hardwood that used to be in the dining room. Also, the far wall that was red in previous photos is now gone too.

OK, now on to our mouse story.

When we left for Memorial Day weekend, we mistakenly left our garage open. In our garage we keep a bag of sunflower seeds that we feed to our cardinals, squirrels and other wildlife that frequent our bird feeder. The bag had been ravaged after 3 days of exposure. Shortly after we arrived home, Colleen saw a mouse dart under the new kitchen cabinets we are storing in the garage. She thought it might be a rat because of the long tail, but settled on it being a mouse. So, we went to the hardware store and got two mouse traps and I set them about 4:00 p.m. Before I went to bed at 10:00, I checked the traps. Lo and behold! We had caught the thief.

Poor guy probably didn't even get a taste of the peanut butter before his head was cleaved in half. POP!
I feel just a tad guilty.

Now onto another POP, but this one is a little bit more friendly...

8 days after Liam's 5 1/2 birthday, he lost his first tooth. The Tooth Fairy wrote him a note encouraging him to brush, floss and use mouthwash, left him $5 and an Indiana Jones action figure. The next night, he said his second tooth was ready to come out. If you turn the volume up, you can probably tell it was about a day too early to pull it. Pop!


Katy said...

1. now THAT is a remodel!
2. and that IS a rat... SO glad you caught it!!
3. CONGRATULATIONS liam; you are such a brave little boy. IS IT BLEEEEEEEEEEEEDING Liam :-)

Love, Katy

Rob said...

1. Yes, we're so excited by what will be the final result.
2. I eally believe it is a field mouse. I looked it up online and field mice have the same pointed nose, cupped ears and long tail. Rats have a broader face and bigger body.
3. I think our shouts of joy short-circuited what was going to be crying at the pain of the early removal.

Rambling Canuck said...

Ha! This post brings two distinct memories back for me. First, when I was a young teen I used to eat "spits" during ball games. So I had my own pound-stash in a plastic bag that I forgot in our basement TV room. One night my Dad and I saw a mouse dart across the floor while we were watching TV. We pulled back some pillows in the corner of the room and found it literally doing the backstroke in the bag of seeds. It freaked and jumped over my Dad's shoulder and disappeared under a curtain. We don't if it scaled it to another spot, but it was gone. Never saw it again.

Second, when I lost my first tooth (found it in my Cheerios) and my Dad told me what it was I fainted. Then I woke up in bed and barfed all over him. HAHAHA! So dramatic.