Monday, June 2, 2008


Nothing visually interesting has been done to our kitchen the last few days. Lots of electric work.

My brother-in-law, Chris, invited me to last night's WBCN River Rave that featured Stone Temple Pilots, Filter, Everlast and a couple of other bands. It started at 4:00 and we snuck out before STP's first encore around 11:00 p.m.

Scott Weiland sounded unbelievably great. We were able to confirm it because WBCN replayed the live set during our ride home. So, it was like two STP concerts in one night. I wish that he didn't wear a huge sombrero-type hat and dark sunglasses -- it made the performance a bit impersonal. But, the sound and lights more than made up for it. I've read STP is going to tour the country this summer, so I recommend going to see them.

We had a great time, consumed some beers and just generally enjoyed beautiful weather and each other's company.

From last night's show (grabbed from Flickr):

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