Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kitchen Update June 6 -7 , 2008

June 6, 2008
After several days of changes that weren't that visible -- plumbing and electrical work & inspectons, the crew put up the blueboard and started plastering. Click any picture to enlarge it to full size.

The blueboard that is helping reduce the opening of the doorway to accomodate the kitchen cabinets on the other side.

June 7, 2008

The plaster is still wet in this picture, but the 95 degree days we expect will take care of that quickly. The old maxim that empty rooms alwyas look smaller than ones furnished sure holds true here.

The view to where the peninsula and sliding patio doors used to be.

View towards the hallway that leads to the garage.

The reduced opening with wet plaster.

We're also putting in crown moulding in all the downstairs rooms, as well as trimming out every opening to give this 1989 house a bit more character. I would have opted for a bigger crown moulding, but it wasn't to be.

The temporary window and door until they arrive on June 16. You can see the replacement siding too that will need to be repainted. I think we have enough paint left over from the housepainting project 2 years ago to get a very good match, though we may end up painting everything in the porch white to brighten it.

We had contemplated removing this screen porch from the back of our house because it makes the kitchen too dark. But, the estimates we got to replace it with a deck were too expensive. So, we compromised and put skylights and recessed lighting in, which makes the space much brighter.

The next steps are to let the plaster dry, then bring in the hardwood floors to let it acclimate to the environment. Our contractor expects to lay the floor on Friday. The new appliances are due today within the next 30 minutes, and we have all the new cabinets staged in our garage. So, I think the project is going to come in on time (estimated at the beginning to be 4-6 weeks).

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