Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick Hits

We had a great Memorial Day weekeend in Maine. The weather was unpredictably gorgeous, affording us 2 beach days. Liam even went swimming a couple of times.

On the drive up Rt. 128 Friday evening, we passed some radio towers. Liam (age 6) exclaimed excitedly, "Someone is taking a bunch of pictures up there!" Colleen and I looked at each other not understanding what he meant. "Look at all of the flashes!" Ha! He thought the airplane beacon was someone whose job it was to sit atop the radio tower and take pictures of everything around it.

Later on the same ride, Grady (age 8) out of the blue told us that we couldn't water ski anymore. Because we never have water skied together, we just let it go. He started up again, though, and said it's against the law. We asked him what he meant. He said that the president said no one was allowed to water ski anymore. Then it clicked - he had heard about water boarding and thought it was water skiing. Heh, heh.


Hammen said...

Ahhh, kids say the darndest things!

Rob said...

Hammen, you'd love to see some of my older blog content when Grady was in pre-school. His teacher would ask a question and then type up their responses verbatim. Hilarious. Lots of kids outed their parents for doing weird things. Search "Pierce" to pull up that content.

We were victims once, when the teacher asked what the kids did the previous weekend. Grady answered, "We played downstairs because our parents were watching adult movies." You can imagine our reaction, because we don't watch pornos, but call the movies that the kids can't see "adult movies" so they know not to hound us to watch True Romance or Breakfast Club or others in our collection. My wife was quick to reply all and explain it, much to the delight and snickers of everyone.