Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Conan's Evil Sidekick

I've watched Conan O'Brien's first two nights manning the The Tonight Show on and have enjoyed it a lot. He seems to have retained his off-beat sense of humor he displayed on Late Night despite the older audience demographic. Though, I can't stand Andy Richter - they have him mic'd too loud, and his laugh is annoying and ploying. I hope he does not last long.

I like the look of the new studio, but I can't believe someone did not see that Conan has an evil face over his right shoulder when he's at the desk.

Do you see it? The hills morph into a face looking left, the left eye is lit blue with a pupil clearly seen. The nose is almost touching the edge of the vertical glass and, below that, the mouth and jaw are easy to decipher. So, although I like Conan, and his guests have been stellar the first two nights - Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks, Pearl Jam and Green Day - the annoying Andy and evil face take me out of the show too often.

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