Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crying about Modern Family

I am crying laughing right now. Modern Family on ABC has practically brought me to my knees with laughter. The dad who thinks he's cool is so damn funny. His 1:1 camera time demonstrating how his eyes intimidate while his mouth is kind got me giggling and then when his back went out from slipping on the baby oil on the bannister while he was trying to implement the eyes/mouth thing to his daughter's boyfriend I lost it. Shortly after, when he was in the back yard shooting his son with the plastic pellet gun that his wife made him do when the son accidently shot his sister, and he says, "I'm not enjoying this son," and then his son asks, "Then why are you smiling?" hit me absolutely 100% in my funny bone. Tears shot out of my eyes.

I am hooked.

"Let's all chillax."

9/25/09 Update: The full episode is available for free on


BeachBum said...

Totally agree.

'Lily? Won't she have a hard time pronouncing that?'

Katherine said...

We promise to watch!!! Katy

Rob said...

What did you think Katy?