Monday, September 28, 2009


These picturs are on which I discovered today courtesy of BeachBum.

The caption from baconbabble cracked me up: "No! Damn that! I see that, I don’t go get a can of Raid, or a shoe to kill them. I pack the fuck up, and move to Alaska or something. Damn that!"

This one reminds me of my son Liam. He's always doing things just a little bit differently than everyone, and often gets a lot of attention for it.



BeachBum said...

Holy crap. That spider is going to give me nightmares. I would take a flamethrower to it.

Hammen said...

Dude. That's why I don't get on carnival rides. Partly because I'm afraid of getting puked on by that guy, and partly because I might be the guy puking on someone else.

Rob said...

Yeah, and it's too bad the human reaction to gross things is to open your mouth. For this, those unlucky guys not only get a face full of vomit, but a mouthful of it too.